Facts about Play

Are you ready to add a little play to your day? Find resources and tools to help you play your way and find ways to fit 30 minutes of activity into your day. Learn how moving more will help you feel better.

Play to Move More
Play to Relax

Moving makes you feel better. Who knew? Getting our hearts beating faster also helps clear our minds and energize our bodies. Commit to play and get ready to lighten your mood and reduce your stress.

Exercise for Stress Relief Simple Mid-Day Stretches Move! Walking Guide to Get More Steps In 20 Ways to Make Play Your Daily Workout Learn about Muscle Strengthening Try a new Class for FREE! Take it slow, start with yoga or a beginners strength training class.
Play to Connect

Do what you enjoy. Stop thinking of physical activity as a trip to the gym, start thinking of physical activity as time you invest in your health, mental health, or alone time. It can can even be used as social time with people who matter to you.

Find your match: Fitness personality test YouTube Buddy Workouts PYW- 10 Ways to Exercise with Family Meet up groups - Examples of search topics include: Fitness, Hiking, Health and Wellbeing, Dancing, or Sports & Recreation. Use the Get Up and Move Cube with your friends! Get a Workout Buddy to Stay on Track