Thanks for taking part in the 2017 Play Your Way 30-Day Challenge. We’re excited to see all the ways our friends and colleagues are playing. On this page, learn how participants are movingwere able to move more, discover who our weekly winners were, and find resources to keep you moving well past the Challenge.

Play Your Way Stories

The Play Your Way 30-Day Challenge was designed to help you get physical activity into each and every day – your way! To help us celebrate the end of our 30-Day Challenge, we asked participants to submit a story sharing their experience. See how your friends and colleagues played their way:

Keep Play Top of Mind and Make it the Best Part of Your Day!

The Play Your Way 30-Day Challenge helped us to:

checkbox icon Explore new ways to get physical activity and play into our day

checkbox icon Use movement as a daily strategy to boost our mood and feel better

checkbox icon Connect with family and friends by making time for movement together

Hopefully you picked up a movement habit that motivates you to stay with it. Or it’s not too late to mix it up. The goal is to inspire yourself. Don’t stop now—it’s just the beginning!

5 Steps to Loving Exercise

Play can be the best part of your day! 5 steps to help you keep movement as an enjoyable part of your routine.

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Fuel Your Workout

Work hard, play hard! Food is essential to maximizing your performance and improving your recovery time.

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Make Exercise a Habit that Sticks

Make it a habit! Use these tips as a guide to sticking to your PYW routine.

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7 Workplace Fitness Challenges

Challenge your co-workers! Create a team at work and pick your next 30-Day Challenge.

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Keep playing your way by choosing movement activities that you enjoy each day.

Announcing our Grand Prize winners (Drumroll, please!)

If you completed the Challenge and are getting more play into your day, you're already a winner! We're also happy to announce our 2017 Play Your Way Grand Prize winners, who each completed the challenge evaluation or submitted a story about their experience.

Frances Matthew (LIB)

Arlene Lee (DPH)

Linda Bui (SHF)

Meiyi Ouyang (LIB)

Ananda Hirsch (PRT)

Amber Lytle (HRD)

Broderick Elton (POL)


Jonathan Wong (CON)


Annabelle Per (HSS)

Stacey Lo (PUC)

Julie Moore (CPC)

Patrick Garcia

My Vong (HSS)

Jessica Blome

Ashley Larena

Karen Huang (HSA)

Shelly Navarro (DPH)

Karen Li (POL)

Ivan Ha (HSS)

Michael Nerney (PRT)

Peter Luong (PRT)

Mhalou Villamejor (RET)

Sirisha Bhimineni (CON)

Kamal Parekh (HSA)

Carmen Lo (REC)

Aleta Lee (ART)

Kevin Kitchingham (MYR)

Olivia Lee (DPW)

Michael Visconti (HSS)

Ana Marie Lara (HSA)

Irene Aquino (DPW)

Joseph Villatoro (HSA)

Jennifer Corwin (HSA)

Szu Low (SHF)

Lynda Tran (HSA)

Judi Quach (HRD)

Minhchau Vuong (HSA)

Michael Dean (HSA)

Michele Hamption (LIB)

Kelvin Xu (HSA)

Shalise Bill (HSA)

Marie Claire Balea (HSA)

Maria Degati(POL)

Anna Clayton (DPH)

Hong Hunt (ASR)

Jessica Morton (ECN)

Play Your Way 30-Day Challenge Winners

There are FOUR ways to win prizes:

1 Register by May 1 for the Challenge
2 Enter the Weekly Contests
3 Share Your Story
4 Complete the Challenge Evaluation

Prizes will be awarded randomly in each of the above categories.

Play Your Way Contest Winners

Share the song that gets you moving!

Check out all the songs that get our members moving. We’ve compiled a Spotify playlist for you to listen to, to keep you moving and grooving during our 30-Day Challenge.
Play Your Way Spotify playlist

Alvaro Abaunza, POL: Hype - Drake

Angela Stevenson, HSA: 24K Magic - Bruno Mars

Anonymous: My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Arleene Brice, HSA: Physical - Olivia Newton John

Charlotte Brice, DPH: Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

Daniel Silver, POL: Banana Split - The Dickies

Ferdinand Laxamana, DAT: Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

Jennifer Treff, FIR: Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Karla Ayala, DPH: Eye Of The Tiger

Kim Young, HSA: She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summers

Kimberly Blackfield, ASR: Crazy in Love - Beyoncé and Jay Z

Li Liu, ECD: Stronger - Kelly Clarkson

Lisa Cadillo, DPH: Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin timberlake

Maria Almoradie, PUC: On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez

Maria-Elena Healy, DPH: Good To Be Me- Uncle Kracker ft Kid Rock

Martha Huettl: Conversations with people

Matt Naclerio, DPW: Good Morning - Mandisa

Nelly: El Negro Bebmbon

Paula: Happy - Pharrell

Rochelle Sy, AIR: Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Rommel Fernandez, 311: Turn Down For What - Little Jon and DJ Snake

Rose Mun, DPH: Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees

Safira de Souza, HSA: Waka Waka (This is Africa) - Shakira

Susann Rodriguez-Corns, HSS: Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye

Wendy Lee: Whip It - Devo

What motivates you to move?

We are made to move, but everyone is motivated differently. People, places, puppies, and personal goals — see what inspires your friends and colleagues to move through the 30-Day Challenge.
Wordle Word Cloud

Alberto Cruz, CRT - My kids motivate me. They are so active, it makes me want to stay active.

Alycia Bell, HRD - My 10 year old son motivates me!

Ammon Reagan, ENV - One of my coworkers, Megan, motivates me! A few months ago we both pushed each other to join a gym and we’ve been gym buddies ever since.

Aileen Alcantara, HSA - My daughter motivates me to move. She is my inspiration.  I want to be around for a long time and I want to be physically strong and healthy while I live and enjoy life’s adventures.

Aurora Livingston, DOE - My co-workers and I attend a Yoga class at City Hall every Tuesday and Thursday. We hold each other accountable to make sure we attend, and we share our experiences with each other afterwards. When there is a group of us it makes it so much easier to go, it's a lot of fun. They really motivate me to stick with it!

Carmen Lo, REC - My dog, mom and trainer motivates me to move. About two months ago I committed to mindfully eating healthy, regular meals, and exercising. Prior to that I was snacking, not eating and eating very unhealthy for years. It has been though to go cold turkey and make a 360 change after so many years but my mom and trainer has seen an increased of energy and glow in me. They continue to motivate me by applauding my dedication and remind me that the past has moved along and prep for a healthier future. With making this transition, my mom has now also been eating healthier and showing more interest in hikes and nature which is very rewarding and the utmost motivation. :) my Fitbit and Iwatch has played a role as well!

Cassandra Swayzer, CRT - My son is my motivation to move, he is 7 years old and very active. A healthy lifestyle to be around to watch him grow is all the motivation I need!

Daniel Esparza, HRD - My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew all have fitbits and we compete to see who gets the most steps in a day!  A great motivator to keep us going!

Deborah Mcguire, HSS - Coco and Goku inspire me to move. They give me one look with those sweet faces and it gets me off my touché and down the road for our walks.

Denise Van Alstine, HRD - I would have to say music!  In particular, live music – I love going to concerts and feeling the energy of a group of people all enjoying the music and the moment together.

Doris Burks, POL - The thing that motivates me to get up and keep moving is my sister Debbie. My sister was my “rock.” We used to get together daily and exercise. Unfortunately, my sister passed away. So, today, I get up and exercise for the both of us.

Elizabeth Varas - The great feeling I get after I exceed use is what motivates me.  Even if I feel tired I tell myself just think of how great your gonna feel when your done.

Hamza Salehbhai, CRT - What motivates and moves me is the beautiful area I live in. Everywhere I look, there is greenery and most likely a hiking trail ready to be hiked explored! There is nothing like conquering a difficult hike and enjoying the view from the top!

Jennifer Corwin, HSA - My husband is my motivation, the healthier we are the longer lives we will have together.

Jesus Diaz, HSA - My father was my inspiration. He had a pruning service that was very physical in nature. He really enjoyed making a difference in our community of Merced. He loved his job so much he retired at 74!  It is because of my father that I am motivated to keep it moving.

Kay Phan, DPW - My family is my motivation. I keep moving to show my children that keeping ourselves healthy isn’t an easy thing to do, but at the same time, it’s not hard either. We all get lazy at some point, but keep on moving will give us a positive life.

Magdalene Lee, HSA - My mom who is in her 90’s and still remains active every day.  She just came back from a trek thru India! I hope to live as long and as vibrant as she has, and continues to do so today!

Marco Ku, DPH - My two daughters 21 and 17 y.o. They took on running in high school and pushed me to run with them on the weekends. I run with either one or the other depending when I am free at the same time they are.

Matt Boulden, DPH - What motivates me to move is my upcoming wedding. I'm getting married this August and I've gotten out of shape leading up to it. So now in the last 3 months leading up to it this program through the city is helping me get motivated.

Nicole Williams, AIR - My younger, and only sister. She is my best friend, my confidant, and always there when I need her. When I was overweight, she gave me the motivation, and drive to gain control over myself. That was a year ago, and since then I have lost 70 lbs. (With the help of weight watchers as well) I couldn’t have done any of it however, with her in my corner.

Richard Lagunte, BOS - My pug, Buko, motivates me to keep moving. We walk a couple of hours every day. A tired pug is a happy pug.

Rocio Mendoza, HSA - Who or what motivates me to move? Myself! I’m a very active person, so I am always moving through the day. My position requires me to move, but even during lunch time and at the end of the day I enjoy walking.

Santos Martinez, DPH - The reason that motivates me to move is to stay healthy and fit to avoid a trip to see the doctor.

Steven Yoo, HSA - Thank you for motivating me to move when I get home from work. About three times a week after dinner, my wife and I walk around ten or twelve blocks around where we live. I think this is great because we get to exercise a little and also engage in small talks (conversation) that helps to build better relationship, especially when we tend to talk less inside the house. Since my wife asks me if I am interested in walking, I guess she is the person who motivates me to move. Thank you for listening.

Willow Lancaster, DPH - My daughter motivates me to play dance revolution we have a lot of fun and stay doing it for at least an hour. It's a great workout. Our dog motivates me to walk him, he needs to walk and I have a goal of completing 7000 steps a day.

What is your 30-Day Challenge Anthem or #Hashtag?

Short, simple and meaningful #hashtags were submitted this week. See our member’s quotes, anthems, and mottos in #hashtag form.
Hashtag PPT

Ana Mazlumian, POL #activemom

Annie Rohlich #movemorelivemore

Anonymous #HealthIsWealth

Arla Ertz, HSA "Gracias a la Vida"

Aurora Livingston, REG #runlikeagirl

Chantelle Balanga, CRT #Getfitordietryin

Christopher Larson, DPW #makemyselfdoit

Dino Duazo, MTA #MeditationInMotion

Emma Medal, HSA #feelbetterlookbetter

Jackie Banouvong, DPH #healthyliving

Jamie Feliciano, MTA My anthem is Why Do Fools Fall in Love? My hashtag #walktoworkSF

Janet Brazelton , RET #Dancing2Fitness

Judy Chiang, HSA #playyourway

Justin Greving, CPC The anthem that keeps me going in the morning is Selena Gomez’s “Music feels Better”! That jam keeps me running all morning!

Kelechi Hong, HSA #30daymyway

Leslie Wong, DPW #emptygymsarethebest

Liliana Ramos, DPH #everystepcounts

Manny Dacalanio #feeltheburn #NEVERsurrender

Liliana Ramos, DPH #everystepcounts

Maria Degati, POL Keep Movin

Matt Boulden, DPH #StrongerSanFrancisco

Liliana Ramos, DPH #everystepcounts

Mercy Gharechedaghy, AIR #huladance #aloha

Mike Callejas, LIB #9087(+)stepsEveryday

Olivia Lee, DPW #Movemore

Vanessa Alvarez, PDR #30DaysOfMovinAndGroovin

William Zolan, AIR “Keeponmovin”