• Employee Assistance Program
The mission of the SFHSS EAP is to significantly contribute to a healthier work environment and employee well-being. Offering a variety of confidential counseling, consultation, coaching & education services, EAP counselors are licensed therapists with many years of diverse experience in mental health, business and as City employees.
Employee Assistance Program


Services for Active Employees & Immediate Family Members

  • City & County of San Francisco
  • San Francisco Unified School District
  • San Francisco Superior Court
  • City College of San Francisco

Services Are

  • Free
  • Voluntary
  • Confidential as prescribed by law

Short-Term Solution-Focused Counseling & Consultation

For a wide range of personal, interpersonal and work-related problems

Couples Counseling

For relationships problems


To help you get connected to a variety of city, benefits and community resources

Brown Bag Seminars

To help you develop knowledge and skills to increase your personal well-being
  • Anger Management Basics
  • Time Management Basics
  • Managing Stress Basics

Seeking Help Early Can Make a Difference

Call for a consultation, to schedule an appointment or inquire about our services

415-554-0610 or 800-795-2351

1145 Market Street, Suite 100, Catherine Dodd Wellness Center

Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Workshops, trainings, seminars and critical incident/disruptive event response services can take place at your worksite. Call EAP for a consultation to discuss your needs and to schedule.
Please refer to the DHR “Encouraging Wellness Activities” memo for information about taking time off to utilize EAP services.

Download a flyer for employees or for managers/supervisors about how EAP can be of help.

Services For Supervisors, Managers, Directors & HR Professionals

  • On the telephone
  • In-person at the EAP office
  • On-site where you are located

  • Management Consultation

    For a wide range of complex management & employee issues that negatively impact individuals, productivity, morale and workplace well-being.

    Organizational Consultation

    To address a wide range of complex organizational issues that negatively impact productivity, morale, teamwork and workplace efficiencies and well-being.


    To encourage resolution of interpersonal workplace problems resulting from personality conflicts, communication difficulties and duty disagreements.
    Click HERE for more information.

    Critical Incident & Disruptive Event Response

    For times of crisis such as workplace violence, exposure to a violent or threatening act, employee death, workplace injury, natural or man-made disaster and other incidents that can cause emotional difficulty or trauma and take focus away from work.

    @Work Workshops & Trainings for Employees

    Aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of employees to improve well-being and capabilities in the workplace.
    • Making Work, Work Series
    • Managing Stress
    • Effective Communication
    • Dealing With Difficult People
    • We’re Here For You - Employee Orientation to EAP Services
    • CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training. Click HERE for more information.
    • Anger Management
    • Time Management

    @Work Workshops & Orientations for Supervisors, Managers, Directors & HR Professionals

    • EAP 101 – A comprehensive orientation to EAP for leadership that includes psychological first aid basics for times of crisis or disruption
    • Managing For Success Workshop Series