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HSS Drupal Website RFQ
HSS released a Request for Proposal for custom Drupal services in three areas under RFQ#HSS2017-1. The submission period is now closed.

Drupal RFQpdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A1 Web Strategypdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A2 Domain Modelpdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A3 Content Modelpdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A4 Technical Assessmentpdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A5 Site Mappdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix A6 Website Redesign Report pdf
Drupal RFQ Appendix B Brand Guidelinespdf
Drupal RFQ Addendum 1pdf

Online Well-Being Calendars
We have two online calendars that advertise group exercise and well-being events being offered at worksites across the City to ALL employees at NO cost.

  • Group Exercise Calendar: Discover classes across the City. It continues to include classes and cancellation information for the classes at the HSS Wellness Center and City Hall.
  • Special Events Calendar: Find health screenings, seminars, and other well-being events close to where you work.