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Under the UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage National PPO plan you have access to a national network of health care providers. You can also see providers out-of-network at the same co-pay as in-network providers, as long as they participate in Medicare and accept the plan. You must be enrolled in Medicare to participate in this plan. Refer to the Evidence of Coverage for a detailed list of services, exclusions and limitations.

Retirees With Medicare A&B Retirees With Medicare Part B Only
January - December 2017 January - December 2017
Summary of Benefitspdf
Evidence of Coverage pdf
Summary of Benefitspdf
Evidence of Coveragepdf
  • UnitedHealthcare Additional Benefits
  • Mental Health - call 1-877-259-0493 for information about accessing mental health benefits.
  • Silver Sneakers - free access to gyms nationwide and other fitness resources.
  • Caregiver Partners - resources and support for caregivers.
  • Rx Reimbursement Form pdf
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