Retiree Medicare Benefits

2017 Medical Plans: Retirees With Medicare

In 2017 there will be two plan choices for retirees with Medicare: Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage and the New City Plan PPO offered by UnitedHealthcare. The New City Plan PPO is a UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) plan. Blue Shield will no longer offer a Medicare plan in 2017.

Health Service System Medicare members (and members who will turn 65 in 2017) are invited to attend a free information session about the 2017 retiree medical plan options. Kaiser Permanente and UnitedHealthcare representatives will be available to answer individual questions after the presentations.

Click here to listen to a recorded presentation of the 2017 Medicare retiree options

Click here for 2017 Medical Plan Options for Retirees with Medicare: FAQs

Current Blue Shield Retirees with Medicare enrolled in 65+ and Current City Plan Retirees with Medicare coordinated benefit plan:

During October’s open enrollment, you will need to complete a 2017 open enrollment form to select from one of the plans below. If HSS does not hear from you during October open enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled in the New City Plan Medicare Advantage PPO.

Medical Plans: Retirees With Medicare


An HMO (Health Maintentance Organization) offers benefits through a network of participating physicians, hospitals and providers. For non-emergency care, you access service through your Primary Care Physician or an urgent care center.

Kaiser Permanente HMO
Senior Advantage
(Medicare Advantage HMO)
  • Must be eligible for Medicare Part B
  • Must live in Kaiser service area
  • In-network service only
  • Out-of-pocket, fixed co-pays
  • No deductible
  • One ID card for all your covered services and prescription drugs.

Your non-Medicare dependents will be enrolled in Kaiser Permanente HMO.


A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) offers a wider choice of physicians because you can access service in-network or out-of-network. You are not assigned a Primary Care Physician so you have more responsibility for coordinating your care.

New City Plan PPO
(Group Medicare Advantage PPO)
  • Must be eligible for Medicare
  • Live anywhere in the USA
  • One ID card for all your covered services and prescription drugs from a network of 67,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Out-of-pocket; fixed co-pay
  • No deductible
  • Obtain service from any willing Medicare provider in the USA

Your non-Medicare dependents may be enrolled in City Plan or Blue Shield HMO.

If you are currently enrolled in Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage you do not need to take any action for 2017 if you wish to remain in your Senior Advantage plan.