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You must receive all of your care through an integrated system of participating physicians, hospitals and healthcare providers. Most services are covered at 100% after you pay your required copayment. Refer to Evidence of Coverage documents for more information. To participate, you must live in one of the zip code service areas served by Kaiser.

Employees Retirees California Retirees Northwest & Oregon Retirees Hawaii
January - December 2018 January - December 2018 January - December 2018 January - December 2018
Summary of Benefits (SOB)pdf
Evidence of Coveragepdf
Acupuncture / Chiropractic EOCpdf
EOC (Non-Medicare)pdf
SBC (Non-Medicare)pdf
Acupuncture / Chiropractic EOCpdf
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SOB (Medicare)pdf
EOC (Medicare)pdf
EOC (if Medicare Secondary)pdf
Acu/Chiro/Silver & Fit EOCpdf
SOB Northwest (Non-Medicare)pdf
SBC Northwest (Non-Medicare)pdf
EOC Northwest (Non-Medicare)pdf
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SOB Northwest (Medicare)pdf
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SOB Washington (Non-Medicare)pdf
EOC Washington (Non-Medicare)pdf
SBC Washington (Non-Medicare)pdf
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SOB Washington (Medicare)pdf
EOC Washington (Medicare)pdf
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SOB Hawaii (Non-Medicare)pdf
EOC Hawaii (Non-Medicare)pdf
SBC Hawaii (Non-Medicare)pdf
Handbook Hawaii (Non-Medicare)pdf
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SOB Hawaii (Medicare)pdf
EOC Hawaii (Medicare)pdf